Visual Analysis of Disobedient Object: Poster-Making Workshop

“Disobedient objects are objects that have played a part in social change and protest. Examples of disobedient images/objects include: zines, graffiti, objects used in activism and protest, politicized fashion, banners, badges and sustainable textiles.”

During our poster-making workshop, we practiced all the basic tools of InDesign. Eventually, we chose our images based on our disobedient objects and created a poster around our concept, to portray our idea. I created my poster based on a gallery I visited in Unit 1.

Section 1 – Your poster should address the following points:

Why is your object disobedient?

My object is disobedient because it presents Boswell’s response to new items about a ‘vegetable crisis’. It had the intention to raise awareness. Disobedient objects are often everyday items that have been turned to a new purpose. Sometimes designing a new object creates a new way to disobey.

What ideology does it disrupt or challenge?

Boswell’s sculptures hold a great significance despite their simple subject matter; broccoli. Due to draught and environmental factors, crop production failed. Boswell aims to raise awareness of the environmental failures and destruction as a result of human impact. It could also be interpreted that the open-framed sculptures in contrast to the closed-framed represent the past and the present. It could be seen that the closed-framed sculptured emphasize the crop failure, as the glass may symbolize a sense of entrapment and lack of abundance or oxygen, almost as though they are suffocating with the impacts of climate change as a result of human destruction.

What is its cultural and historical significance (Time and Place)?

The street art first appeared in early 2017 when broccoli supplies in England collapsed due to a crop failure in Spain causing prices to soar, while shops set up barricades.

What Key concepts, debates or thinkers can help you explain the meaning and significance of object or image?

I believe Boswell has maintained a key concept throughout his work, which appears to be the significance of preservation and sustainability. He highlights the importance to preserve our environment, and also presents the failure to do so through his sculptures. The multi-coloured aspect of his art suggests an international theme, possibly uniting the world and raising awareness across the entire globe. Adrian Boswell addresses the crop failure for both broccoli and iceberg lettuce as it impacts supermarkets.

Document your research process: how did you find your object/image? Where did you visit? What theory books/articles did you consult for this?

I came across Adrian Boswell whilst walking through the Brick Lane and noticing subtle broccoli sculptures on the wall. I noticed his gallery was behind the wall and I remain intrigued by the abundance of his work, with each one holding significant detail and colour.

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